Privacy Policy

IP addresses of users

Our servers can detect the IP address of your browser according to Internet-technology. This IP address is registered by File4Safe servers especially for our internal use (registration of use, optimal downloads use and so on).


Our server writes in the register of File4Safe user's e-mails only for their registration and calculation. Under no circumstances will File4Safe lease, sell, or provide your personal information to any companies.

Cookies use.

File4Safe uses cookies for the user's comfort in order to save the browser settings. File4Safe does not any methods for tracking users (the so-called "spy" or "1x1" gif images and so on).

Safe operation with files.

We have taken the appropriate security measures at the server's physical location to protect from loss, incorrect usage, or change of information provided to us by the users of the service. Files, saved for delivery can be accessible only to File4Safe representatives or via a link provided to the recipient. All files saved by our service are deleted after a certain time period if you do not delete them yourself.

Any financial transfers between you and File4Safe are handled by third party, payment services. Your payment details are disclosed to such third parties for the aim of completion of each transaction. The security and non-disclosure of such information is handled by such third parties under their current policies. Filesms does not sort or store numbers or any information related to your with you.


Advertisements located on our website can be posted by a third party, advertisement firms. These companies can use the information regarding your visits on these or other web pages (your name, address, e-mail, and phone number are excluded) to place an advertisement of wares and services that might be interesting to you.


We can disclose your personal information in case it becomes necessary to defend our juridical rights. Especially if your information is connected with tangible or assumed saboteur actions or poses a potential threat to any person's physical safety.

In case of any evidence of distribution of the files containing materials which appear involving child exploitation, the account belonging to the user who uploaded such files will be immediately deleted and all known information (including but not limited to personal details, IP addresses, payment data) will be directed to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, as well as law enforcement organizations and/or members of the ISP.

Disclosure of your information can be lawful or as a result of a legal process.